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Name Helicopter flight simulation(mod)
Category Casual
Size 118.1MB
Popularity 6956
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 21/10/2021
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Mod Info:

Helicopter flight simulation(mod) Free experience game character, free experience game flying vehicle.

Helicopter flight simulation(mod) Game Introduction :

Get ready to fly a real helicopter with one of the best helicopter flight simulator experiences available today! Explore the vast open world from the sky and underground in a variety of vehicles. From helicopters to planes, from cars to ships, and more!

Try a new basic skydiving activity and jump to the top of the world with an exciting paraglider! Why not jump to higher heights and get a world record by parachuting and opening a parachute!

Play the ultimate flight and car driving simulator here!

Explore landscapes and airports in high resolution using satellite maps, 3D buildings, runways, air traffic, weather conditions and real volume clouds.

Over 150 square kilometers of land!

!!!!! Helicopter Flight Pilot Simulator is the ultimate helicopter flight simulator with 20 free levels!

One of the best helicopter simulator games with dynamic weather conditions; Fly in clear blue skies, tropical rain, snow, thunderstorms, wind, turbulence and true 3D volume clouds!

Fly helicopters and aircraft in a huge open world environment and explore its unique location. Flying from multiple airports, commuting from international airports to small battle airports, helipads are all over the world!

Whether from the air or on the road, there are countless interesting attractions to visit, and even all the new types of sea transportation including boats and motorboats, you are free to explore all over the world!

Drive fast on 2×2 lane open roads to small mountain trails with climbs and canyons. Not only can you explore the world by plane, but you can also experience a real car driving simulator!

Walk into flight mission markers located around the world to participate in helicopter flight classes. Just like entering any familiar open-world style game, simply step into the marker to begin the quest.

Use a useful minimap to find out where the mission is. Click to expand to view the entire map. Travel through the open world and explore for hours in one of the best airplane flight simulations ever!

Mission rich mission! :

– Random flight problems (landing gear problems, engine failures, etc.) to test actual driving conditions

– Jump from the top to the landing mat

– Transport very important passengers

– Clearing air traffic with rockets

– Transport damaged vehicles to the scrap yard!

– Put out the fire like a fireman!

– Pass all checkpoints as soon as possible

– Prevent criminals from stealing planes during police and robber flights

– Learn to fly a real helicopter in a real flight simulation

– Emergency landing procedures for aircraft and helicopters

– Take control of an aircraft in a storm

– Race with helicopters, boats, etc!

– Land the aircraft during engine failure


– Weather system: clear skies, rain, thunderstorms, heavy snow

– Day and night cycle

– True 3D volumetric cloud system

– Flight turbulence

– Realistic helicopter and aircraft flight physics

– New boat driving and boat experience

– Intuitive flight controls: buttons, joysticks or accelerometers

– Vehicle collision and smoke effects.

– Dynamic lighting and sound effects to recreate an authentic experience

– High quality world environment with high resolution satellite images

– Highly detailed realistic aircraft cockpit environment.

– Multiple onboard cameras capture all angles of the jet

– Lots of planes and airlines

– New base jump activity for thrill seekers!

– Huge open world driving simulator

– Thousands of roads drift and go on and do stunt jumps

– Map information (distance, altitude, etc.)

– Fully interactive cockpit environment and controls

You can adjust the sound quality button to play without delay.

One of the newest and most challenging games. Become the ultimate helicopter pilot in the new simulator game, the Helicopter Pilot Simulator!

Helicopter flight simulation(mod) Game screenshot :

Helicopter flight simulation(mod)

Helicopter flight simulation(mod)

Helicopter flight simulation(mod)

Helicopter flight simulation(mod)

Helicopter flight simulation(mod) (118.1MB)

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