Mihayou\’s new action game \\\”Zero Zero\\\” first exposed trailer: Android player tears running

Today, Mihayou, a developer of well -known mobile games such as \\\”Yuanshen\\\” and \\\”Breaks 3\\\”, announced the first trailer of its new action game \\\”Zero Zero Zero\\\”, and announced the opening of the first test recruitment.

In the context of the successful global market, \\\”Zero Zero\\\” was released, which attracted a lot of players\’ attention. As of this article, the number of applicants for the first test has exceeded 300,000. And still grow rapidly.

But for Android players, the first test of \\\”Zero Zero\\\” this time is not so worth looking forward to.

According to the official statement, due to adaptation reasons, the test of \\\”Zero Zero\\\” will only open PC and iOS platforms without developing Android platforms.

This means that Android users will not be able to apply for test qualifications and cannot participate in the test. I have to say it is very regrettable.

It is worth mentioning that \\\”Zero Zero\\\” does not use the science fiction style of \\\”Break 3\\\” or the fantasy style of \\\”The original God\\\”, but has clear modern and street elements.

This has led to whether \\\”Zero Zero\\\” can continue the success of \\\”Original God\\\”, and whether Mihayou can control this new art style, players in players in players There are certain controversy in the group.

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