Hand -handed e -sports player Uzi, AMD Ryzen 6000H series perfectly interprets \\\”fight like me\\\”

Recently, AMD announced that the AMD Ryzen 6000H series processor cores are coming. He is the e -sports player Uzi Jane!

Playing a game, one year is a habit, five years of love, ten years is belief. For UZI, the game has persisted for more than ten years. In the case of creating excellent performance, AMD has always maintained its original intention. In the history of more than 50 years, it is innovative and leading the development of high -performance operations, graphics and visual technology. The development of platforms and other development lays the foundation. Since ancient times, heroes have cherished each other.

Fighting \\u0026 ldquo; core \\u0026 rdquo;, fight with Uzi

For users who love games, UZI is definitely \\u0026 ldquo; \\u0026 rdquo;.

As an excellent e -sports player, he has a dazzling performance. He has created a miracle of multiple \\u0026 ldquo; alliance history of the first \\u0026 rdquo; and won the 2018 Jakarta Asian Games champion. As a top -flow anchor of the e -sports circle, he explained his professionalism and humor. The golden sentences have been frequently loved, and they have won the love of countless fans. Once on Weibo, the total number of votes is far ahead.

Why does UZI have such a strong appeal? This is because Uzi is not only a symbol of strength, but also a spiritual symbol, representing the e -sports spirit that never gives up.

For any competitive sports, failure and pain are accompanied by \\u0026 ldquo; winning \\u0026 rdquo; e -sports is no exception. In UZI\’s career, there were too many highlights, depression in the low valley, and the tide of despair, but he calmly faced when he faced. As Uzi said: \\u0026 ldquo; The world of e -sports is sometimes simple. I want to win, I enjoy the field. No matter what the ending, I will be right. Whether you are Bai Zi or Kuroko, it must be or negative, and I will still stick to my heart. \\u0026 rdquo;

It is this ten -year persistence and purity that made UZI gain countless loyal fans and inspired the hearts of countless young people.

The e -sports spirit displayed by Uzi is also the most authentic appearance of contemporary young people. Their love in their hearts is not eclipsed and pursuing excellence. They dare to fight like a champion!

Since the date of birth, AMD has taken user needs as a starting point for innovation. Its \\u0026 ldquo; zen \\u0026 rdquo; core architecture has been widely favored by players since its launch. In the iterative evolution to \\u0026 ldquo; zen3+\\u0026 rdquo;, AMD. When the Ryzen 6000 series processor with a faster speed, stronger performance, and longer battery life, AMD chose UZI as the core of the Ryzen 6000H series processor. Interpretation of \\u0026 ldquo; fighting like me \\u0026 rdquo;, while giving back the love in the hearts of users and players.

Pursuing excellence, the belief is \\u0026 ldquo; core \\u0026 rdquo; AMD\’s innovation road is very suitable.

As the world\’s leading semiconductor company, AMD has gone through more than 50 years of innovation. When it was founded in Silicon Valley in 1969, AMD had only dozens of employees, but since then AMD has embarked on the road of innovation. With advanced technology and many breakthrough industry innovation, it has established a new benchmark for modern computing. Although the experience of ups and downs during the period, the spirit of unremitting struggle for never giving up and aspiring innovation, so that AMD is always at the forefront of the semiconductor product field. From a humble company at the beginning of its establishment, it has grown into a CPU, GPU, and GPU, and GPUs, GPUs, and GPUs. FPGA, adaptive system -level chips, and deep software technology forces are committed to creating a global leading company for the cloud, edge and terminal equipment.

The core architecture of \\u0026 ldquo; zen \\u0026 rdquo; core architecture in 2017 is a new start. As the crystallization of AMD for many years, \\u0026 ldquo; zen \\u0026 rdquo; architecture with the leading innovation characteristics of high energy and high performance, allowing AMD to return to the frontiers of performance and game, bringing users an excellent high -performance calculation and gaming experience. After that, AMD continued to surpass himself, innovation was unremitting, and continued to iterate CPU and GPU products, singing all the way, expanding the territory and winning word of mouth. By 2022, AMD launched the new weapon of the mobile market: Ryzen 6000 series processors.

The new AMD Ryzen 6000 series processor will combine the efficient and powerful new \\u0026 ldquo; Zen 3+\\u0026 rdquo; and the built -in graphics card based on the new AMD RDNA 2 architecture, and use the leading TSMC The 6nm process process can bring excellent built -in graphic performance and revolutionary 1080P 3A gaming experience, and has many leading characteristics and long battery life capabilities. As Saeid Moshkelani, senior vice president and client business department of AMD, said: \\u0026 ldquo; AMD is at the forefront of innovation of the PC industry, providing a unique experience for creators, professionals and gamers. The new AMD Ryzen 6000 series processor brings excellent battery life, super built -in graphics card and optimized performance with excellent energy efficiency.The needs of various notebook users. \\u0026 rdquo;

In 2022, it is expected that more than 200 laptops driven by AMD Ryzen processor will come to front of global users. Provide players with a first -class gaming experience. Fighting is endless, love is more than, AMD is using \\u0026 ldquo; core \\u0026 rdquo; guarding the original dream of every user and player!

Use \\u0026 ldquo; core \\u0026 rdquo; battle, comprehensively upgrade

Games and e -sports have become one of the main entertainment methods of contemporary young people. Players\’ demand for the game\’s increasingly diversified also makes AMD pay more attention to this field. Among the 10 models listed on the new product of the Ryzen 6000 series processor, 8 of them are Ryzen 6000H series processors provided by the game book and creation. Essence

Martial arts in the world, only fast. As the world\’s first 2500 killer player, UZI has an absolute speed on the arena. This is one of the invincible weights of UZI. The Ryzen 6000H series processor launched by AMD uses the newly upgraded \\u0026 ldquo; Zen 3+\\u0026 rdquo; CPU core and \\u0026 ldquo; RDNA \\u0026 nbsp; 2 \\u0026 rdquo; the CPU\’s maximum acceleration frequency is 5.0GHz, up to 8 large cores, compared with The performance of the previous generation was improved by as much as 30%*, and the built -in GPU performance doubled. It is not too much to say that it is as fast as the wind. Creative experience.

In UZI\’s e -sports career, he has won \\u0026 ldquo for three consecutive years. It is not easy to win, and it is more difficult to maintain. Being able to continue to break through yourself and achieve great achievements, not only excellent technology and speed, but also a stable mentality and super strong endurance. AMD Ryzen 6000H series processor, using high -energy -efficiency \\u0026 ldquo; zen \\u0026 nbsp; 3+\\u0026 rdquo; has further enhanced energy efficiency. It has more than 50 energy -saving characteristics. Longer can be carried, which can be described as tough, so that the laptop can also play games in the movement, without having to worry about power off at any time.

Workers want good things to benefit their instruments first, on the road of \\u0026 ldquo; battle \\u0026 rdquo; good equipment is essential. This time, the Ryzen 6000H series processor favored by UZI has cutting-edge technologies and characteristics, supports DDR5 high-speed memory, supports PCIE 4.0 and USB 4*interfaces, and Wi-Fi 6E solution brings a comprehensive upgrade game platform, making collaboration more seamless, more open operation, and more immersive experience.

Fighting is an attitude, and combat is also a kind of strength.Born for fighting, using \\u0026 ldquo; core \\u0026 rdquo; War, AMD Ryzen 6000H series processor, which brings a better experience for players with excellent performance, is invincible.Choose Ryzen, fight like UZI!

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